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Tuesday afternoons for residents at our community means one thing. Live music and entertainment by beloved singer and piano player Byron Jones. Every Tuesday at 1:30 PM, Jones visits AlmaVia to play any music the residents request, everything from show tunes and romantic love songs to american classics. He knows hundreds of songs, and plays them all from memory

According to Activities Director, Julie Cervetto, “He’s a real entertainer… he really knows how to take over the room.” Even at almost 90 years old, Jones visits between 15 and 20 different places in Marin county each week as a volunteer musician. He plays piano and sings almost every day. For Jones, the best part about volunteering is getting to visit the many friends he’s made in the Marin area.

Before retiring, Jones taught music and Italian, and was choir director at San Rafael high school for many years before becoming a professional signer and musician. His classically trained voice allowed him to play in several local bands as well. Assistant Activities Director, Christine Francisco said, “He has a very strong voice, so for residents that are hard of hearing, he’s someone everyone can enjoy no matter what, even if they forget their hearing aids.”

Jones was born in Wales, but immigrated to the United States with his parents as a child. He knows some Welsh, and proudly sings many songs in both Welsh and Italian.

But it’s not the music he’s most proud of, it’s his family. Jones recently became a great grandfather and is also a great godfather to three more children. He even writes songs for them and plays them for our residents.

Cervetto said, “The man is a giver, he puts his heart and soul into his shows, he doesn’t hold anything back.”

Stop by next Tuesday, April 5th at 1:30 PM and listen to him for yourself! Or click on the video below to see a short clip of him playing at our community.

Byron Jones


2 Responses to “Byron Jones – Singer, Piano Player, Volunteer”

  1. Jim Brannan

    I studied under Byron (as did my brother Tom and sister Carol) at both Davidson Middle School and SRHS. I loved Byron as a teacher, and mentor. I was going through some difficult times and Byron spotted it and gently bumped me back on course. Later on we discovered that we share Christianity which gave us both grat cause to rejoice. I haven’t spoken to Mr. Jones for probably 20 years. I would like to contact him by email. He will be pleased to see that singing continues in the Brannan home. If you speak to him, have him go to Youtube and Type in Tiffany Brannan. My daughter who is 9, is singing Italian. I hope Byron can see this.

    Thanks You,

    Jim Brannan

  2. AlmaVia of San Rafael

    Thanks Jim for taking the time to write a comment and express how Byron Jones positively impacted your life. Lets see what we can do to get you in contact with your teacher and mentor.

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