Our Difference

The Elder Care Alliance Difference.

Engaging hearts, Transforming Lives, Erasing Boundaries.

  • Elder Care Alliance is a learning organization that encourages and supports innovation:

    This means we are open to questioning how we might do things better, trying new things, and using data as information to inform decisions and strategies. It may be technology we implement or the way we look at doing things in a new way — this is a key characteristic of who we are.

  • Elder Care Alliance is passionate about and committed to professional and leadership development at every level of the organization:

    ECA’s philosophy is to hire great people, invest in them and expect great results. We offer professional development and leadership opportunities at every level of the organization. A key focus is in developing critical thinking skills, enabling leaders to turn data into information, positively impacting the quality of the care and services we deliver.

  • Elder Care Alliance is committed to collaboration:

    Living out our core value of collaboration, ECA partners with individuals and other organizations in order to more fully care for the older adults we serve.

  • Elder Care Alliance is committed to a high standard of clinical quality and holistic wellness:

    ECA is committed to serving and enriching the holistic wellness of our residents and those who care for them (employees, resident families and friends).

  • Elder Care Alliance embraces its unique obligation as a non-profit, striving to make the most of the public benefit we receive:

    At ECA we believe that, as a non-profit, we are held to a higher standard and have an obligation to make good use of the public benefit we receive.


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